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Grass blades may be going dormant in late summer, but your lawn's roots are still developing and fall is the ideal time for fertilizing. A healthy lawn with proper autumn nutrition will be better able to recover from summer's damage, resist the cold and drought of winter and fend off diseases,...

Over time, every lawn can look worn and thin, but how do you know when to reseed your lawn so new grass can grow into thick, healthy, luxurious turf? An Unhealthy Lawn When your grass starts to show wear, it isn't always time to reseed. First, check your watering to be sure the grass is well...

Your garden and landscape may be lovely, but it can be hard to enjoy your outdoor living spaces or even do the necessary chores to keep them looking their best if you are plagued by mosquitoes every time you step outside. You can make your landscape itself fight these itchy pests, however, when you...


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